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Coming Up: Engels & Marx in Manchester

from Jonathan Schofield

Publication date: Spring 2022.

2020 marked 200 years since Friedrich Engels was born in Wuppertal in Germany. He was a rebellious son so at the age of 22 and tagged ‘the scabby sheep of the family’, he was sent to Manchester to work in his father’s factory. The city created an overwhelming impression upon him and led to his celebrated book, ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England’. Karl Marx was deeply impressed by Engels’ ideas. They met and the result was a lifelong friendship.


Engels would live, on and off, for 22 years in Manchester, permanently moving away in 1870. He engaged fully with the city, living a double-life as a communist and a middle-class businessman. Throughout this period Marx would visit for him weeks or months a time.

The story of their lives in Manchester is fascinating and is told in this new Manchester Books Ltd book. This will be the perfect guide to these hugely significant political figures and their loves in the North of England. The book has a lively writing style and is fully illustrated.

£14.99. 144 pages. A5.

Engels’ bust from the early twentieth century on another Manchester Books Ltd product
The young Friedrich Engels just prior to arriving in Manchester

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