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‘Chateau Musar: Serge Hochar, a wine, a family and a land’ is out now

Manchester Books Limited is delighted to announce the immediate availability of Chateau Musar; the definitive story of one of the most remarkable wineries in the world. In the beautiful but difficult circumstances of Lebanon it produces some of the most instantly recognisable and glorious vintages. This is a winery that grows grapes at an impossible altitude in the Beka’a Valley amidst a landscape racked by conflict over decades. Yet despite the shells and the bombs, the Hochar family have produced wine year in and year out, scarcely without a break.

The charismatic Serge Hochar is the man behind Chateau Musar’s international recognition, a synonym for unadulterated and singular wines and a synonym for the triumph of sunshine, husbandry and flavour.

Wine-expert and writer Kevin Gould tells the story of the ultimate survivor winery and the man who put it on the map. You can read more about the book here, and it can be purchased directly from our online store.

NOW just £10 was £15.99

Illusion & Change Manchester is out now

Dreams of the city and the places we have lost…


Illusion & Change Manchester, the latest book by Jonathan Schofield, the acclaimed Manchester author, guide and broadcaster, is available now.

Beneath and behind the city we walk through is a past, present and future city. This book takes a trip into this metaphysical other place, conjuring pictures of things that might have been, things that were and things that could be.

There are more than fifty buildings and schemes covered in the book. Some made international news such as the rebuild after the IRA bomb in 1996. Others were sensations such as when Picasso’s Guernica appeared in a Manchester garage in 1939. There are halls, sculptures, commercial buildings, churches, shops, underground canals, bridges, theatres, views, valleys, cliffs and the story of the changing skyline.

Illusion and Change is the sister of Lost & Imagined Manchester which came out in November 2015 and is being reprinted after becoming Waterstones best-selling Manchester book and selling out in seven months.

£16.99 + P&P click here. To follow Manchester Books Limited on Twitter, click here.